By | August 3, 2021

Not all garden sheds are the same! Have you ever given a thought to different types of sheds for your garden? If not, then ponder about them now! Here are some of the immensely classy yet practical sheds which you should consider for your garden!

By the definition, a shed is a temporary structure built to accommodate something, and when it is kept in the garden it is known as a garden shed.

A garden shed is used to store the tools like shovels, spades, sprinklers, trowels, rake, garden shears, hand pruner, trowel and more!

There are many sorts of garden sheds differing in terms of design, size, purpose, and the material used in making them.

If you are willing to buy a shed for your garden but are stumped on what type of shed can work to savor your requirements, then you’re at the right place. With the end of this blog, you will be able to make a well-informed decision on the type of garden shed which you should choose.

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Different Types of Garden Sheds

Metal Garden Sheds

As the name depicts, a metal garden shed is made from a thin sheet of metal. Depending on its roof design, it is further classified into pent and apex sheds. While the former is known to have flat or slanting roofs, the latter has inverted V-shaped roofs.
Besides giving an elegant look, it works as an immensely durable and practical storage unit for your garden tools. Although some of the low-quality metal sheds are prone to rust and corrosion, those made of galvanized steel are rust-resistant. Indeed the galvanized steel shed may cost more, but with the sheds.co.uk discount code, you can grab it for less money.

Metal Sheds

Plastic Garden Sheds

Plastic sheds are a new fad! Made up of PUV and polyethylene, they come in a variety of designs, styles, and colors. They are reliable, highly functional, and require no maintenance. Best for all weather conditions, with plastic garden sheds you can rest assured your garden tools are safe.
Another bonus that comes up with plastic garden sheds is that they are less costly than metal and wooden sheds. However, you can get one for even less by using the sheds.co.uk discount code.

Plastic Sheds

Wooden Garden Sheds

Wooden garden sheds have a different essence. Their wooden texture completely complements the lush green landscape of your garden area. The wooden garden sheds are further classified into overlap sheds, shiplap sheds, tongue and groove sheds, windowless sheds, pressure treated sheds, and more. If you are low on budget, you can cut down the costs on any of these with the sheds.co.uk discount code.
Unlike plastic sheds, you need to be a bit cautious about the maintenance of wooden garden shed. You will need to give frequent checks to ensure your garden shed is free from splitting, rotting, or warping.

Wooden sheds


So, you see there are different sorts of garden sheds available in the market. No matter your budget is big or small, you can always find a garden shed that suits all your requirements.
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