4 Things That Make Singapore A Unique Tourist Spot

By | January 1, 2019

You may call Singapore a tiny country as it is smaller than many metropolitan cities around the world, but the country has managed to make its mark on the world map with some topnotch accolades. Despite being relatively younger and its diminutive size, Singapore has many interesting traits for which it is known for.


Singapore is famous for its neat and clean streets. In fact, more 50 thousand have been employed by the Singaporean government to keep the streets clean. It also has strict laws on spitting and littering on streets. Vandalism and public urination in Singapore can result in a hefty fine or a punishment called Corrective Work, where the offender is made to pick up litter in public.

Greenery in the City

After seeing the well-manicured and lush public spaces, you can easily understand why Singapore is often called the Garden City. Though much of the wild landscapes and agricultural areas were cleared to make way for human habitat, you will see bushes and flowers lining the overseas bridges or tall trees planted along the central divide of the roads and expressways.

The Singapore Sling

You can’t afford to miss a Singapore Sling cocktail in Long Bar at Raffles Hotel. The cherry-pink drink consisting of grenadine, Angostura bitters, and gin among other liquors was first made by a bartender in the early 1900s and became a favorite ‘Singaporean Drink’ that visitors choose to partake on a Singaporean vacation. If you have AliExpress promo code, you will enjoy your trip at a reasonable cost and try the Singapore Sling.

Shopping Malls

Orchard Road is one of the busiest areas in Singapore. The 2.2km stretch has plenty of luxury shopping malls with a huge local as well as tourist crowd.

So, these are four things that make Singapore a unique tourist destination. You can buy an AliExpress promo code and make your trip to Singapore more affordable and entertaining.

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