By | July 25, 2019

For centuries we have been stuck in the definition of fashion as the etiquette to dress up but do you know fashion is much more than just that. When we talk of fashion it’s generally linked to clothes and appearances but dear readers there’s more to this glamour world than just these two aspects.

Through your eyes, it may be weird but with my glasses, it looks elegant

YES! This is what fashion really is. Stylish clothes are nothing unless someone lives in them. It depends on the person to bring life to any attire. You choose to dress the way you want. Nowadays we have numerous options to choose from. You can buy your favourite dresses online from your favourite designers online, as soon as they launch their collection. Zalora is one such online store that does this for you, not just this it also helps you to get great discounts by using Zalora promo codes.

When we talk about Fashion we gradually overlap with the word Style. This is because both these terms are too much interlinked to be kept apart. Fashion is what the latest style is and style is how you keep your fashion game on. Thus, Fashion is what you buy and Style is what you do with it.

Dear Divas Fashion is like eating; once you stick to the same menu it becomes BORING overnight. While revising and experimenting with it, gives you lots of fun. Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. So explore experiment and grab those eyeballs rolling at you. Let me discuss the key idea of a Fashionistas Closet with you.

Right Use of Wealth is Shopping

Carrie Bradshaw once said, “I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.”
And who knows better than us women that he was right. A woman can never feel happier than seeing her wardrobe filled with trendiest designer wears. Investing in fashion is never is a bad deal. After all, fashion goes, comes and returns. Fashion is something that is always in vogue. From those bright floral dresses to that high heeled footwear and other various accessories everything is worth when it comes to fashion.

Fashion Democracy

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When talking about the fashion industry it is democratic in a lot of ways. While early travellers state that fashion in many countries including Japan remains the same throughout for even a hundred years. Countries like India are moderate in their fashion sense. Fashion in India is democratic. People wear different types of clothes and attires throughout the country. While they have different ethnic and traditional wears varying from state to state. They are moderate towards the ultra-modern world of style and glamour. Pairing denim with ethnic Kurti is a remarkable style sense in most part of the country.

Hacks & Blacks

Fashion can also be boring or weird if we go too much matchy rather fashion is something that comes from within. Your attitude to carry out a style with confidence is fashion; it is your ultimate style. While many freak out about being fashionable yet elegant, we bring to you the best fashion hacks of the decade.

  • Dear Ladies! Always remember that your little black dress will never be out of fashion. No one is ever underdressed or overdressed with that black little dress, so preserve it.
  • Fashion is never about money if an expensive brand doesn’t suits you, then it doesn’t suits you. No matter how much you have paid for it.
  • A tie is a man’s best friend.
  • An investment on handbag or wallet is never a bad deal. If your handbag doesn’t suits your one dress try it with something else.
  • Men should always match their belt with their shoes.
  • Wearing horizontal striped dress makes you appear wider while you look tall while wearing vertical striped dresses.
  • Wear those skin colour heels with that small skirt to look taller.

Tacky VS Trendy

Dear Readers, tacky is one stage successor to trendy. So always be careful while choosing your deals. Keep in mind that the floral print is always in with summers while navy blue is the perfect option for winters. Let me quote an example. While wearing all shiny tangy garments with sparkling makeup tends to make your look a little more than perfect, that’s exactly tacky but putting a little sparky handbag with the simple dress will make you win the style game. So be sure when you pair a little glitter to your attire but don’t drown yourself completely in it.

Public yet Personal

Fashion is for one’s own self as much as it is to others. Those eyeballs and attention are merely unwanted when you are uncomfortable in your latest trendy dress. So before choosing the latest designs, be sure it fits you well with the proper line of clothing to give you full comfort along with fashion. Talking vaguely as much as fashion is to your outer appearance, it’s to inner comfort as well. So don’t compromise on your comfort for fashion. For centuries people have worn clothes that fit them perfectly without being bothered about how others look at them. They gain confidence in doing so and as discussed earlier style is how you carry the latest fashion with attitude and confidence. Style is what each one of us already has, all we need to do is simply and a pinch of glamour to make it fashionable.

Dear readers, beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. So adding up a little bit of confidence to your attire is a sure shot to rock any dress. Be it a party dress or comfort jackets when you wear attitude on your sleeves, your attire speaks fashion. No need to spend loads of money just stick to a simple rule that it’s not about what you wear rather it’s about how you wear.

Fashion will fade but style remains eternal. No matter what you do people will stare so make their stare worthy. Try to attach the right attitude and you will be ready to experiment with any dress. What’s important in a dress is the person who is wearing it. So style yourself and let fashion come from within.