Top 3 Reasons Everyone Loves to Visit Hong Kong at Least Once

By | February 4, 2019

Hong Kong- often referred to as the Pearl of Orient- is a prosperous metropolis unlike any other. A Chinese city with a colonial past, the culture of Hong Kong is shaped by an exceptional blend of Eastern and Western influences. The following are some of the best reasons you should visit Hong Kong at least once in a lifetime:

Mouthwatering Food

Hong Kong is like a paradise to foodies. The city also pulls in the attention of restaurant owners and chefs from across the globe. The city also boasts the most restaurants and food corners per capita in Asia, from affordable local noodle joints and hipster gastropubs to some of the best Michelin-starred restaurants in the world.

Also, Hong Kong shares a splendid past of producing hot, cheap and delicious street food. The popular local specialties are stinky tofu, fish balls, egg tarts, and egg waffles.

A Holy Grail for Shopaholics

The density of markets, shops, and shopping malls in the city can be overwhelming to visitors. Tech gadgets, luxury fashion, teaware, antiques, and Japanese gourmet snacks- if you already know where to look, there is nothing you can’t find here. In addition, you can make your shopping experience exclusively cost-effective with the Nike promo code.

The View from “The Peak”

The Peak, the highest point on the island, makes it a unique location for the snap-happy people to camp out till the sun sets. In the past, this place was highly coveted during the colonial era, as the more cooling breeze used to offer respite from the hellish heat of summers. Nowadays, this picturesque panorama of a glistening body of water and sharp-angled skyscrapers draws people to this spot.