Four Things That Make Hong Kong Special for Me

By | May 29, 2019

We have heard enough and imagined how Hong Kong feels like, yet to my pleasant amazement, this gorgeous metropolitan had an unexpected vibe in comparison to what I anticipated. Here are some intriguing facts about Hong Kong that many might not have known about:

Hong Kong isn’t as urban as you may know

When you come to think about a city with a populace of more than 7.2 million, you believe it to be a concrete wilderness. However, when I reached the town, I was stunned to see that it looked like Miami than Mumbai. This wonderful city is surrounded by quiet shorelines and mountain scenes behind it.

Individuals don’t communicate in Mandarin there

Individuals in Hong Kong pride themselves on being unique in relation to China. Also, that conviction keeps running all through different parts of life, one of which is language. In China, individuals communicate in Mandarin; however, in Hong Kong, most of the individuals speak Cantonese.

Hong Kong isn’t as costly as you think

In the wake of visiting numerous places in Asia, I can, without a doubt, guarantee that Hong Kong isn’t frightfully exorbitant. Visit places, for example, Australia, Singapore, or Tokyo if you wish to burn a hole in your wallet. In Hong Kong, you will find numerous commercial centres where you can enjoy and appreciate a delicious feast for $5. Indeed, even the transport is also moderate. If you need to shop your heart out and stay in a popular hotel, you better use promo code to get some massive discounts.

The nightlife in HK draws everyone

For all travellers interested in nightlife, Hong Kong is an excellent spot. “Lan Kwai Fong” is the clubbing and celebrating locale where you will appreciate parties every one of the seven days in a week, 365 days in a year. Simply stroll around, and you will find individuals from India, Dubai, Paris, London, and in fact, all parts of the world.

These are the four things that I found interesting when it comes to talking about Hong Kong.

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