Best Ways to Enjoy Singapore on a Budget

By | April 8, 2019

Singapore is among the most expensive countries in the world. While the cost of a holiday in the country is often a wallet-breaking experience, there are many ways you can save money when visiting Singapore. What you need to know is what to look for, where to go, and what not to do.

Here are the top 3 ways to save your hard-earned money:

Skip Taxis and Use the MRT

Hiring a taxi can bust your travel budget in Singapore. Other than, meter charges, there are plenty of surcharges for rush-hours and usage of expressways. In short, it is impossible to enjoy the country on a budget if you are looking to be ferried by taxis every day.

Therefore, it is better to save money by using the Singaporean subway system, known as the MRT. Though there have been many high profile breakdowns in the recent past, the MRT system remains one of the most affordable and efficient in Asia.

Use Tourists Passes and Discount Coupons

You can use tourist passes and promo codes like Qatar Airways Promo Code to save money during your Singapore trip.

The Qatar Airways coupons help you save up to 50 percent on your flights, hotel deals, boutiques, cafes, and family-friendly restaurants in the country.

Ignore Buying Bottled Water

This may sound strange to many, but a bottle of water in the country could cost you anything between USD1 to USD10. Keeping this mind, you better choose tap water as it is perfectly safe for drinking. Unlike treated water in many countries, tap water in Singapore is also completely odor free and colorless. So, these are the top 3 things you should remember to enjoy your trip under your budget.

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