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Whether you need delivery services for your business or some personal need, Lalamove can make it possible. Dedicated to eliminating the hassles from the delivery of products in Vietnam and making it faster, efficient, and streamlined, Lalamove was formed. Moreover, it also provides effective product delivery services at discounted prices with a Lalamove Promo Code.

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Mã Khuyến Mại Lalamove & Lalamove promo code - January-2022


    Lalamove is a digital platform that works to fulfill the on-demand delivery needs of individuals and businesses. It allows clients to connect to them with the help of a single app. Moreover, it also allows them to book for a fleet that works to fulfill their needs. All they have to do is, simply enter their pick-up and drop-off locations, choose the vehicle that best fulfills their needs, and get matched with a nearby driver who’s ready to take the order. Besides this, it enables them to track the whole delivery process right from the start till the end, as well as use digital payment options and fetch the record of past activity.  Be you’re an individual, restaurant business, brick and mortar business, retail outlet, or e-commerce company, Lalamove can work to suit your delivery needs in Vietnam. Furthermore, Lalamove helps businesses and individuals to scale deliveries at discounted prices with a Lalamove Promo Code.


    Lalamove doesn’t deliver just normal-sized or normally shaped items but can deliver large, bulky, and even odd-sized items. Starting from simple documents to valuable items, you can rely on Lalamove for the delivery of your coveted items at discounted prices with a Lalamove Promo Code.  However, it should be taken into consideration that Lalamove doesn’t deliver passengers, pets, chemicals, unsecured flammable objects, or items that could endanger the safety and well-being of their driver-partners.


    In addition to Lalamove Promo Code, Lalamove offers a customer-friendly cancellation policy. It enables the customers the cancel the order without any hassle, however, if the delivery has been confirmed by the driver and a cancellation is made while the driver is on the way to the location or when the driver has already reached the location, 50% of the order fee charge will be applied.


    Lalamove is a customer-friendly delivery company that takes into account the customers’ convenience in every bit of its process. It allows users to track every order, keep them updated on its status, and see where your driver is in real-time, and get notified instantly when the delivery has been completed. 


    Lalamove is a one-stop delivery platform that brings exciting offers through Lalamove Promo Code for businesses and individuals. To redeem the Lalamove Promo Code, all does the customer need to do is:

    • Copy the Lalamove Promo Code
    • From Lalamove’s app, enter the pick-up and drop location
    • Select the suitable fleet
    • Enter the payment page
    • Here you will see a section to enter the Lalamove Promo Code
    • Paste the Lalamove Promo Code you copied
    • Proceed towards the payment
    • Now, you will see a significant discount on the amount to be paid

    So, this was the way how you can save a significant amount of bucks on choosing the Lalamove Promo Code.


    If you have any questions, qualms, or concerns regarding the Lalamove cancellation, order tracking and delivery, or  Lalamove Promo Code, then you can consult the customer support department at Lalamove by emailing them at support.vn@lalamove.com. You can also follow or consult the customer support department at Lalamove on their social media platforms that include Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


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