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You are advised to read our cookie policy to know how we use cookie on our website. We suggest you to go through our private policy to understand our working policies and also to know that how we utilize your data.

Cookie Policy

We guide visitors, when they come to locate this website with proper direction and information about the usage of cookies along with its other relevant options. If any of the visitor continues locating this website without changing its setting that means they are agree to use cookies on this site although at any point of time you can change its setting. This term cookie can be obtained at the end of private policy. If you want to know more about cookies or other related technologies and its functionality, then must read carefully the mentioned details.

1. Basic explanation of cookies:

Cookies are basically a small piece of data that is threw from a website at the time of browsing website, it gets stored in your computer by your web browser. They are basically designed to hold good amount of information specific to a client and website, it can easily be accessed by your computer or by web server. This also allows the called web pages to identify the respective browser particularly when the same web page is labeled again. The best thing about cookies is that it can store a number of information like which operating system is used, browser type, page setting, language setting, order information, login details and many more things. As a rule these are not created to collect data of users. However, information gathered with cookies may be certifies to a natural person mainly when provided with the same person’s personal information. Here, on this website you will find use of two different types of cookies.

Session cookies:

It is used to store data about all your done activities till the time you are login on our website. Session cookies are automatically deleted when browser is being closed.

Persistent cookies:

This kind of cookies is stored on the device over a time of period, so we can easily recognize the selected browser for the time you visit it again. One should thanks to these cookies for their capabilities of storing pseudonymised user profiles with proper projection of special offers of your interest. During your visit to this website, you will notice that cookies are not set only by this website but also by third-party websites. The use of third- party cookies, basically enable to access features and functions of our website such as analytics, advertising and interactive content. By doing this they easily collect information about the web pages you previously visited and also know about your interest level in their products.

Web beacons similar Technologies:

You will also find usage of web beacons on this website. These web beacons are basically pixel tags and GIFs. They are small graphics that are basically embedded in pages and HTML e-mail that are usually invisible to all the respective users. These beacons are used in conjunctions along with cookies and completely allow tracking of people interactions with relevant content of the websites. In addition, there are other technologies available that also work in the same way and remain responsible for storing data in your device. However, refusing cookies on your site will also disable these technologies.

2. Different types of cookies that we apply on our website:

There are many reasons behind using third party and first party cookies. Below you will get complete information about the used cookies with a brief explanation behind using them.

Mandatory cookies:

As the name is presenting, mandatory cookies are important for the initial function of the website. This basically permits you to navigate the website and use some of its functions. We use these cookies to identify registered users and to know about their searches and interest. The best thing about these cookies is that they are not created for advertising purpose or for creating a visitor profile. They are only stored for the duration of internet session.

Tracking cookies:

The main purpose behind using these cookies is to charge commission from the concerned business partners along with whom we work. If you are consequently buying something from any of our business partner, the tracking cookies may identify you and this way we earn our commission.

Functional cookies:

These functional cookies basically allow you to keep your selected settings till the next time you visit the website. It mainly keeps a watch on all your activities like which page, section or subpage you visit frequently and at what time accesses occur. The collected information is stored and given to us in aggregated form. Their prime goal is to improve performance and functionality of the respected website. Web Analytics cookies are actually placed by us and store information regarding your internet session.

Advertising and targeting cookies:

It helps us to keep a watch on your all browsing habits and also to provide you personalized offers that are available with this website. The cookies record all the information about which you show your interest. The amazing thing about this cookie is that while collecting and evaluating information of you it doesn’t expose your identity. It is also used to control frequency of the site and pretend in showing again and again the same offers to you.

Social media cookies:

This website contains all the social network plug-ins like Facebook, so that very easily you can share the information of this websites with the outer world. It provides a facility for its users that if any will share these available features, it may place cookies in your own browser that will lead your own promotional purposes.

3. Your choices:

Many of the browsers accept these cookies automatically but if you want can easily configure your particular browser so that not any kind of cookies can get store on your computer and also inform prior creating a new one. Each browser remains different from each other and so it is advisable to read carefully its browser’s help setting to understand it in much better way.
One thing you must keep in your mind that disabling cookies completely may restrain you to use all available features of this website.