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The content that you are reading is completely a legal document and an agreement between the user and us. Gottaoffer is operated by a Singapore based company which is completely registered. The statement mentioned under these Terms and Conditions can be amended or changed at any point of time and it is also reserved by us. Any further amendments or changes will definitely be brought into your notice through this website.

Classification of these Terms & Conditions:

  • We provide discounted voucher and several coupons to all the merchants who act like a third party seller for us.
  • We provide complete information about the given services through our website, if you are availing any of the coupons then can easily redeem them by respective merchant websites.
  • Users mainly refer the entire individual who uses or visits the website to avail any of the services.

Some General Issues:

  • Website accessibility and availing any of the services is completely subject to said Terms and Conditions.
  • The Gottaoffer website and its services are completely intended to non-commercial and personal uses only.
  • The Gotaoffer website and its all given services are intended only for the customers who lived in Singapore.
  • We also do not take any responsibility of consequences arising by the use of the relevant website and its services.

User Obligations:

If you are a user and you agree to stand with merchants given Terms and Conditions then you will be re-directed towards their page for further transaction through our website.
As a user you are also agree to use of our Gottaoffer website and all its services only to upload and post required data, materials and messages.

Our users undertake the below mentioned points:

  • Not republish the same contents of the relevant website on any websites.
  • Not allowed to publish any inappropriate and indecent data or material.
  • Not to upload any kind of patent data or material.
  • Not permitted to publish any malicious materials or data that may include corrupted software or files that may create problem for the functioning of the website.
  • Not to violate any kind of legal rights, code of conduct and Terms and Condition of others that may hamper image of website.

User account suspension and termination:

  • We reserve all the rights to block or remove your accessibility from the website, if found violating rules and regulation of the website.
  • We also carry rights to terminate your accessibility in whole or part and particularly when we found you committing any breach in this agreement.

Limitation of Liability:

The Gottaoffer website along with all its services will not at all be responsible for any punitive, indirect, direct, consequential damages resulting from:

  • The inability to access the website and its services
  • Illegal access or interference in the user’s transmissions or data
Any kind of data or system loss happens due to unnecessary downloading of data then user will be solely responsible for all its loss. At no point we are providing any such guarantee that the presented discounted coupons and vouchers are completely correct and beneficial. We advised you to check before making any such deal with the merchant.

Association to third part websites:

This website may contain several links of Third party websites whose control will not be in our hand hence this website will not be responsible for any of the content posted by the linked websites. Gottaoffer provides such links only for your convenience and not to endorse any linked sites. You are advised to verify exactness of any such details by own.

Intellectual Property Rights:

Gottaoffer carry all intellectual property rights that include all rights, patents, trademarks, designs, secrets, goodwill, Meta tags, source code, graphics, hyperlinks, icons, content and other hyperlinks. We don’t give permission to reproduce or distribute any kind of content without our consent or approvals.