Lazada migrating to new plateform

Lazada team are in the final stages of preparing for our new platform, which will roll out next week. Since this is a big move for all of us, we wanted to make sure that there are a few things clear for you about the migration plan.

August 30th: Has Offers Freeze

Accounts will be live, but no new offers, links or creative can be completed on Has Offers, we are holding any changes to be able to migrate your account.

August 31st and September 1st: Disable Old Links, New Accounts and Terms & Conditions

Account credentials will be sent to you, to access your account just click accept on the Lazada terms and conditions for the country you are operating in. Each country has a separate platform for viewing offers and performance.

All Has Offers links, accounts and offers will be disabled at this time. No conversions will be recorded on this platform moving forward. Please be assured that all conversions generated through Has Offers links until this point will still undergo regular validation process and will not be lost. 

Next Steps

Lazada team will send information about how to log into your account, pick up offers and create links starting on August 31st and September 1st.

There will be some data delay during the migration, please expect this delay to last until September 4th. The conversions will be recorded, but we will be focused on moving accounts and external syncing of data could be impacted until all accounts are migrated.

Lazada also have a big campaign coming the first week of September to help you get started on the new platform! Be sure to accept the terms & conditions and get your new links live on September 1st to take advantage of the increased conversion rate!